Oliver is a big ball of love who loves to hang out and spend quiet time with his family.  Age 4 Years.

Adoptable Cats

Kit Kat

Kit Kat is a sweet little boy who loves love.  Age 10 Weeks.


Charles is a reserved kitten who loves to cuddle and spend time with his family.  Age 4 Months.

More cats to come!

Prince Labib

This regal young man lives up to his regal name. He is a sweetheart though.  Age 3 years.

​Animal Welfare Society of Howard County

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Derek is a shy kitten who loves to spend time with other cats.  Age 4 months.


Twix, sibling to Kit Kat is a loving kitten who loves to spend time with his family.  Age 10 Weeks.


This handsome young man would be a quiet presence in your home.  Age 2 years.


This sweet young man would love to cuddle with his new fur family.  He is still very much a kitten at heart.  He is 9 months old.


This lover boy would be great as the center of attention in his forever home.  He is a slow warmer but once he opens up he has a heart of gold.  Age 9 months.

Here at the Animal Welfare Society, we believe in a cage - free environment. Cats who enjoy socializing are able to roam around a completely cat friendly jungle gym. There are both indoor and outdoor areas for cats to play, mingle, snack, sleep, and meet potential forever families. Our cats love their space, and are able to have room to be themselves!


Lilo is a gorgous young lady who would be a quiet presence in your home.  She is 9 months old.


Frisky is the brother of Nugget and just as playful. Age 4 Months.


We love our little Nugget.  This playful yet thoughtful guy would be a great addition to any home.  Age 4 Months.